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March 28th, by Paul Van Mele Whether in Europe or in the global South, young farmers, unless they are born into a farm family, often lack three key things: land, finance and knowledge. But a new breed of farmers has risen, fuelled by passion to produce food in a healthy way, free from agrochemicals. Their journeys are often difficult, but with support from the community and by helping each other, they are heading towards a fairer and brighter future, as I learned this week on a revealing road trip. Recently, I joined my farmer friends Johan Hons and Vera Kuijpers on their weekly trip to deliver and buy organic produce from wholesalers and fellow farmers to stock up their farm shop that opens from Friday afternoon until Saturday noon.

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November 15th, by Jeff Bentley When experts say that a wine tastes of berries or has a floral aroma, I believe them. Is there a few objective truth to such descriptions? A nifty set of experiments by Ilja Crojmans and colleagues suggests that baptism a wine does not help en route for remember its smell. In one carry out trial, wine experts were distracted by body asked to remember some numbers although smelling different wines. Ten minutes afterwards they were asked to sniff a larger set of wines containing the original varieties. When the experts were not given a memory task, their minds were free to give all wine a mental label, but they did not remember the wines a few better than when their minds were distracted. This study suggests that experts do not use language to accept the aroma of wines. Yet, all the rage an earlier experiment, Crojmans and Asifa Majid showed that wine experts perro describe the odor of wine add accurately and consistently than novices, although only marginally so, suggesting that individual can learn to recognize different flavors in wine and describe them. This reminded me of my days campeón a volunteer novice in a amethyst tasting experiment in Tucson, Arizona, all the rage

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