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Puede ganar Dotty Bingo

Listen baby lemme show u how I do it Me I get down kinda dirty like sewage Dotty push the limit ain't 30 that I'm doin When I beat the riddim up and it leave it lookin kinda bluish Stars on me like Hanukkah, Jewish I blow more notes than harmonicas do it I got u on your knees like Monica Lewinsky and I'm a product of my wallet Listen I'm - down for whatever Do it till the haters and debaters get fed up Bitches get ya bread up for u end up in cellar I'm a fuckin woman beater, word to my stella Heard em rap better, tell er I'm a get her Dotty get down underground escalator Fold em like the paper in my tray With my eraser I'mma rub em bitches out And get my money baby pay up.